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Starwolf's Witches Kingdom

Merry Meet, and Welcome to my Kingdom.  Inside you will find all kinds of information on Witchcraft, or Wicca-An ancient Earth Religion associated with the Goddess.  Through her we learn to channel the energies of the universe to perform magick. This is positive magick, used for many things.  Like healing, in order to spiritually grow, we must learn how to heal ourselves. It can also be used for teaching, enlightenment, helping someout out - as long as it is for a good reason, and many other things. We do not practice any forms of hate magick or magick that would harm anyone or anything in any way.  For tis our Rede-
"An it harm none, do what ye will".

I have also included information on Voodoo and Celtic traditions.  Soon I will have a calender as well.

Please give my homepage enough time to load.  There are many animated graphics and a sound file.  If it loads too slow, or not at all, please try going to one of the mirror sites listed below.


If you would like to view these sites with Frames. It is available now.  Or if you would like to email me,  please do, but give me some time to get back with you.

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Witch's Brew: For All of Mother's Children...
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