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Moonleaf's Witchcraft Page A beautiful site dedicated to the Goddess and her children. Features pages on Gay Witchcraft, Moonlore, a BoS, A pagan Notice Board, a Tarot Page and Much Much More!
The Witches' Voice - is a proactive educational network dedicated to correcting misinformation about Witches and Witchcraft. Witchcraft IS a legally recognized religion in the United States (since 1985) and it is our mission to protect that right through education and awareness.
The Witches' Web A News, Education, and Networking site, the Witches' Web features the popular "Witches' Web of Days," an online book of days consisting of 365 days of feasts, celebrations, and observances. Constantly updated, with new features added all the time!
Joans Witch Directory collection of historical documents relating to witchcraft. Reference material, more links. To learn about the people accused of witchcraft is not easy.
Killings of Witches The following are all documented incidents in the killings of "witches." ONLY incidents solely relating to witchcraft accusations have been included. Bear in mind that this is probably not all of them. Some were guilty. Most were probably innocent. Some were Satanists, others were not. Some were just senile. ALL on this list died as a result of a witchcraft accusation.
The Witchcraft Bibliography Project Excellent resource on almost every aspect of the Craft!
Francesca Dubie's Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire wiccan articles, poems, announcements, resources, love spells, and rituals. Wiccan & Faerie Grimoire: a potpourri of spells, rituals, articles, references, links, announcements and other useful magical sundries.
Selene's Wicca Page "A Witch is someone who seeks to control the forces within him/herself in order to live wisely, without harm to others and in harmony with nature and the Divine. Of course, that's just one view of it. .... I, personally, view it as a life-affirming, empowering religion - one of many equally valid paths to the Divine...." - Selene
Witch's Brew: For All of Mother's Children contacts, mailing lists, ezine, newsletter, online library and more.
The Witchcraft Archive Welcome to the Witchcraft Archives, a project to collect data concerning the history of Witchcraft and to provide resources for further research.
Covenant of Gaia Homepage The Covenant of Gaia is a legally registered Wiccan church in Alberta, Canada. It consists of autonomous covens and solitary practitioners who agree to abide by the articles of faith and by-laws. The Covenant does not have its own tradition and does not dictate the details of member's beliefs or practices.
Catala's Wicca Page A peacefull, magickal 'harm none journey! Wiccan resource website with tons of information.
Nymue's Wicca Page BLESSED BE Welcome To Avalon
Moonleaf's Witchcraft Page A beautiful site dedicated to the Goddess and her children. Features pages on Gay Witchcraft, Moonlore, a BoS, A pagan Notice Board, a Tarot Page and Much Much More!
Lark's Nest A site dedicated to Wicca and Witchcraft with several different "twigs" of information, including a state-by-state listing of Pagan organizations,
CeramicGrape's Page Contains a book of shadows, links, and things about me, Ceramic Grape... Come and See!
Thevius' World of Wisdom Thevius' World of Wisdom is the home of a vast amount of knowledge. With an online Book of Shadows, Poetry, a Guide to the Paranormal, and information on the Soul Takers Society, it has answers to most any question you have.
Covenant of Rhiannon Community: The Witches of Cape May We are an eclectic Faerie based coven, located in Cape may, NJ...We center on healing rituals for the environment, classes in our brand of Faerie Wicca, and networking with other Pagans/Wiccans.
Jia Starsong I hope you enjoy your visit to my little knook in the land of the Fay. Please come in, speak with the lords and ladies of the land, have some tea and enjoy some music.
The Circle of Winter Created as an educational resource for Wiccans, The Circle of Winter focuses on the Sylvan Tradition of Wicca.
The Aquarian Tabernacle Church (The Rt. Rev.) Peter Pathfinder Davis, Archpriest Aquarian Tabernacle Church (International) Visit our web site at: and learn just what Wicca is really about - it may help you avoid such embarrassment in the future. And go to the church of your choice on whatever day it holds worship; you may find it enlightening.
Auramooth's Wiccan Page Wicca (an alternative name for modern witchcraft) is a positive, shamanistic nature religion with two main deities honored and worshipped in Wiccan rites: the Goddess (the female aspect and a deity related to the ancient Mother Goddess in Her triple aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone) and Her consort, the Horned God (the male aspect). There are a multitude of traditions or paths.
Wiccan Educational Resource Network This page is for you whether you are new to Wicca or whether you have been involved in Wicca your whole life.
Circle Sanctuary In these days of spiritual discontent, one sometimes need to look to our past to help find enlightenment. I am truly grateful to all those WebWeavers who made my path easier, with their countless resources and creativity in some of the most beautiful WWW sites around. For the beginner witch to those with deeper knowledge, I hope my contribution of links will help along your path.....Blessed be!
Moon Raven's Book of Shadows I am a Wiccan Priestess and Co-Owner of Whispered Prayers (a magickal supply store in Chico, California). My interests (special areas of study) include candle and gemstone magick, spell-crafting, and The Tarot.
Watchman Profile Gerald Gardner published his High Magic's Aid, a novel about "The Craft," in 1949 under the pen-name, "Scire" (Drawing Down The Moon, Margot Adler, p. 61). The pen-name was used because of the current laws of the land. However, "In 1951 the Witchcraft Act of 1736, and a section of the Vagrancy Act of 1824, were replaced by the Fraudulent Medium Act.
The Witches of the West The purpose of this page is for Pagans and Wiccans to have a networking point in the Chicago Area. This page will have links to other Pagan groups in the area that are online.
Raven Dance's site for the THE WORKING WITCH You'll find links to web pages with information on Sabbats, Wicca 101 logs, covens, tools of the Craft, herbs, crystals, candles, pentagrams and other stars and their meanings, the Three-Fold Rule, astral proyection, folklore, Salem Witch Trials, other witches' Books of Shadows, and more...
The Program Witch This page is for all those who wield the magick of cyberspace. Those who use technology not only as a tool but as a focus for powers conceptually challenged humans cannot comprehend. Don't be fooled this is a great site with good info on all aspects of the Craft! A little humor could help us all....
Australian IRC #witchcraft Home page Resource site for Pagans, Witches, and friends who use IRC.
Cybitch A dance of Self, of Magic, of Dreams.
The Rites of Artemis - by Andrea E. Feeser These are modern rites of Artemis devised by me and based on a combination of historical writings, personal intuition and experience. Some of the festival days are associated days, rather than days historically specific to Artemis. The rituals are written for women, because that is my experience (since I am a woman). If you are a man and practice rites to Artemis, I would love to hear about your experiences.
Witchcraft: The Facts Witchcraft means "Craft of the Wise Ones" and is also known as the "Old Religion". Its practices can be traced to Neolithic ("Stone Age") cave paintings. In early times, the Witch was the local lawyer, psychiatrist, and doctor. The field of modern medicine can trace its origins to the herbal medicines of the Witch.
Raphaels wiccan website Pagan and Wiccan Pages in Dutch!
Assembly of the Sacred Wheel - a legally recognized, Wiccan, non-profit, religious organization for the mid-Atlantic states. Sponsors open rituals, educational events, and conferences.
Association of Cymry Wiccae and Y Tylwyth Teg - provides information about Celtic/Welsh witchcraft for the general public, news media, and the Pagan community.
Central Vermont Open Circle of Wicca & Wicce located - Addison County, Vermont, U.S.A., North America, Mother Earth
The Ecclasian Fellowship The Ecclasian Fellowship is an ecclectic Wiccan fellowship which serves the pagan community in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. We are a member coven of the Covenant of the Goddess and act as an outreach group by way of public Sabbats and a formal teaching program. Ecclasia is the only lineaged Wiccan group te
PanTHea Circle - a growing group of Thelemic Wiccans following the NROOGD tradition.
StarKindler Wicca The StarKindler Tradition is a branch of British Traditional Wicca (Gardnerian, Alexandrian and their branches and offshoots) that can trace its direct initiatory descent from "Old Gerald" Gardner and from Alex and Maxine Sanders.
TEMPLE OF THE ETERNAL LIGHT Our Temple is a place for all to gather: the seekers and the finders, the knowers and the doers, the teachers and the students, the lovers and the friends. Our goal is to provide a common ground where all may meet, realize the higher self within and align one's objectives in life with divine light.
The Temple of THOTH Introducing a neo-pagan Temple of Light, dedicated to the land and its people,as an harmonious unit in service of the Light. In Light, in Life and in Love
The ULC Church of Amazement The ULC Church of Amazement hosts a non-denominational ritual circle open to followers of all Earth-oriented spiritual paths. While our tools and echniques are primarily Pagan (see our Pagan Resources Page for more details), we incorporate kindred methods from a variety of beliefs. In addition to rituals, we also host theology discussion groups and do public speaking onour spiritual beliefs.
The Wiccan Church of Canada Mission Statement: First, to assist practicing Wiccans in achieving a spritual balance that brings them into true harmony with the Gods Second, to bring to the non-Wiccan population an understanding that we are a positive, reputable and life-affirming religious and lifestyle alternative. Third, to achieve for Wiccans the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by other more mainstream religions.
Alexcia's Web - resource of all things Wiccan.
Allegra Brillante's Western Slope Wiccan Welcome Wagon Allegra Brillante's Western Slope Wiccan Welcome Wagon
CALITHA'S CORNER Nice Book of Shadows...
Cleome's Circle In these days of spiritual discontent, one sometimes need to look to our past to help find enlightenment. I am truly grateful to all those WebWeavers who made my path easier, with their countless resources and creativity in some of themost beautiful WWW sites around.
Deamon Child's Witch Resource - offers an interactive forum, a live JAVA chat room, a herbal database and much more.
Mama Rose's Kitchen - Basic information, training information, and some philosophical goodies for Kitchen Witches.
Marmy's Broom Closet Real fun Witchy Site! Great animation and information...
Pagan Alliance Australian Site: The Pagan Alliance was founded in Australia by Julia Phillips in 1991, with a branch being formed by Anna Harrop in New Zealand the following year. It has grown to become the largest organisation for Pagans in the Oceania region, and has provided help and information to hundreds of Pagans in its four-year history.
Witches of Coventry Greens - astrology, tarot, herbs, the Wiccan way: in our grove you can relax to the sounds of wind andchimes while browsing for information on the occult arts.
Salem Witch Trials Chronology Dialogue based on the examination of Sarah Good by Judges Hathorne and Corwin, from The Salem Witchcraft Papers, Book II, p.355
Witchcraft - An Introduction - good intro to Wicca
Volute's Witchy Site All welcome but intended for those of us who've been around the Wheel of the Year many times, gardening, avoiding common Craft mistakes, tarot, Witch, Wicca, magick, coven...
A Little Book of Shadows Welcome to my online Book of Shadows...for anyone peeking at my code, I apologize for the seeming mess. This page was built with NetObjects Fusion v2.0, and though it's a wonderful way to get the job done, it's difficult to make sense of. Simplicity, thy name is Notepad! - DarkMoon
A Nebraskan's Wiccan Page Check his - A view on Wicca by the creator of this Nebraska Wiccan and Pagan Resource.
About Wicca An Information Source about the Religion of Wicca Written by Lori L. Peterson, St. Olaf College
Welcome to Aerta's Aerie A Pagan Witch site with Herbal info, Spells, links to other Pagan/Wiccan sites, chat backdoors and more. The Earth is our Mother, and we treat her with respect, but we also have fun while doing so!
The Witch's Hearth An earthy wiccan page that honors the beauty of the goddess. Plenty of info and resources plus a Coven of the Seasons, which celebrates the seasons through creative expression. Visit my enchanted cottage on the web.
WestWick Hollow WestWick Hollow is a small Cyberspace seaside village where tourists can learn about Witches and their Craft.
Princess Anastasia's Wiccan Site Free web site graphics, links, journal, original art, and much more!
Thalia's Homepage A Pagan and Wiccan site. I'm just getting started, so it has links and I'm trying to get some Wiccan information for it.
Tribe Quest A beautiful celebration of pagan and new age spirituality! A complete healing arts section with information provided by certified professional alternative healers. Host of the Pagan Ring, New Age Ring, and more...
The Druidic Craft of the Wise, the American Rite This site contains basic information, including history of the Druidic Craft of the Wise, the American Rite.
The Witching Hours This is a starting point for historical research into the witch craze of 1100-1700 AD. This is not a neo-pagan page, but a historical one.
The Celtic Connection Dedicated to dispelling the misconception and superstitions which surround Wicca, Witchcraft and Pagan belief systems. Our spirituality is based upon maintaining balance and harmony with nature, the earth and all its creatures. We also carry an extensive line of Pagan, Wicca and Witchcraft supplies. Please visit us soon.
Onyx Dimensions A Pagan informational resource. This website contains information regarding Celtic folklore and mythology, Viking religious practices, traditional Witchcraft, herbology, magyck, and anthropology.
New Age Info Center Seax-wicca runic alphabet,spells,crystals,oils,incense,candles,herbs.
NorthWind Tradition of American Wicca NorthWind is a teaching tradition based in East Tennessee. We practise a combination of Gardnerian, Irish Witta/Celtic, and Triskellion traditions. Our work is heavily influenced by the Native American traditions as well.
~Suburban Witchcraft and Urban Shadows~ Suburban Witchcraft focuses on the next generation of Witches and Pagans, this is Teenage Witchcraft complete with Spellcasting, Lore, Herbalism, Candle Magick, Sorcery and Urban Shadows... A Witch's E-Zine.
Rainbear's Homepage A site on Wicca, Paganism, the East Coast Rainbow Fey and Gay/Lesbian/Bi/Trans* concerns in the Pagan community.
MUTANEX Sacred Awakening, Shapeshifting, Surviving ESCHATON
Children of the East Wind A beautifully crafted and very informative site, designed for those who never lose sight of the beauty of youth --the Pagan Peter Pans.
Menielix's Wicca Page This page has links to gret places on the web and in America Online.Has a Book of Shadows and a Moon phase page.Updating daily so come in often.
Robin Wood - Livingtree Grove Robin Wood, designer of the Robin Wood Tarot and author of "When, Why...If" shares the wisdom and insights she has gathered during 17 years of practicing the Craft. A beautiful site, with art to use!
Pagan Trivia Come by and play Pagan Trivia; Just for fun or % off your next order with Equinox Books & Occult Supplies. All material provided by & copyrighted from Rowyntre Coven 1997 in preparation for a future book/circle game. We need you to let us know what you think :)
Davina's Magick Cauldron A nice young wicca site, good content, excellent layout.
Catala's Wicca Page A peacefull, magickal 'harm none journey'! Wiccan resource website with tons of information. Areas on... Witchcraft, Sabbats, holiday schedule, tools of The Craft, glossary, pentagram, magick, Wiccan beliefs, becoming a Witch, Book of Shadows, magickal names, earth love, faeries, wolves, fantasy art, networking, oils and aromatherapy, and lots of good links!!
Alaine's Circle of Wicca This page is dedicated to the metaphysical and philosophical advancement of the witch. Inluded are many essays whose intent is to force people to think of Witchcraft as a religion and not just a magickal system. You will find rituals, magick and definitions, and stories of the Goddess.
Unhewn Stone ------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are Guardian Witches. A family tradition, hereditary-orientated group of Pagans. We know ourselves as Knowers and Guardians. We are NOT Wiccans, Ceremonialists, or Satanists. We are The Guardians. We have been Charged with the observance, maintanence, and security of the Portals and Vortexes of Earth. We are not alone in this endeavor.
Aurora's Realm Of Magick Behold a realm of myth and legend, where the ancient religions of old earth are reborn into this age. Features wicca, druidry, faeries, dragons, sorcery and much, much, more....
Ezeckiel's Esoteric Website Over 200 pages of content! A must see site covering Pagan Magick, The Future, Religion, Mythology, Abodes of the Dead, a VERY large spellbook, Herbalism and Astrology. (hint - use the sitemap)
The Inner Circle A detailed world of Wicca, in which there are several waystations of knowledge and many still-being-constructed Wiccan workshops. (This page is also the founding page of the International Association of Red Mana) Though still under construction, this page is loaded with beautiful pics and similar philosophy.
Rhyannon's Book of Shadows an online book of shadows,including spells, rituals,poetry,and an exhaustive list of links.a site dedicated to education and enlightment of the wiccan way, accepting the validity of all paths.
Moon Magick's Wicca Home Page It describes a lot of the aspects of wicca. Holidays, Esbats, candle colors, what wiccans are and arn't, how to cast a circle, and Good books to read.
Nightwind's Clearing ....I am a neophite to Wicca, and my page is also a new one. It contains a fair number of pages, which include:What is Wicca?, Creation, Charge of the Goddess, My Journey, BOS, Links, and Webrings, to name just a few.
The Wiccan Grove A sacred place for ALL who walk the path of The Goddess and The God.
The Wiccan Grove A sacred place for ALL who walk the path of The Goddess and The God.
KimSu's Wiccan Webpage A site dedicated to the study of Witchcraft, and all it's components. Updated regularly. Some topics are: Wicca, CandleMagick, Tarot Cards, Astral Projection and much more! Please sign my guestbook! Blessed Be!
Tam Lin's Realm Tam Lin's Realm is dedicated to dispelling the myths that for so long have gone along with Witchcraft. The information is factual and non-discriminatory. A site for all to enjoy with stories, lore, and helpful craft tips.... For both the family and solitary practioner. Blessed Be!
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