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An It Harm None, Do What Ye Will!

Starwolf's Witches Kingdom
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And welcome to thy kingdom. A place of Magick and Enchantment.

Here, in the deepest realms of 'our' universe, we search for our answers. Our minds tend to go numb as we gaze within not knowing what we seek. For those of us who listen hard enough, we hear the call of the Great Mother calling forth her children. The Goddess is alive in all her names...Isis, Brigid, Arianrhod, Cerridwen, Hecate, Diana, Kali...And many more.

Blessed Be!

We have entered into a New Age, The Age of Aguarius, A time of great spiritual awakenings. We no longer live in the world it was a thousand years ago.  Technology has grown, and with it so has crime and pollution. Now is the time to get "Back to the Earth". Our Earth Mother is calling us--shhh...Hear her? She is calling our names. Just listen. Listen to the heartbeat of the Earth. Listen to the call of nature!

Heart to Heart

Hand to Hand

Ye are the Wise

Throughout the Land!

Well, We are pretty much past Yule now, I hope every one had a good holiday this year.  Next Sabbat coming up will be Imbolc, which falls on February 2nd.  One of my favorites because of my personal connection with Brigid - an Ancient Celtic Goddess of Fire, healing, inspration, and much more.  Imbolc is also known as St. Brigid's Day, when The Catholics took on Brigid as a Saint with similar virtues as the Goddess.  But before Imbolc, we have a full Moon on January 12th.  I will fill you in with more details soon.  May peace and Love be with you in the New Year! --Starwolf

Goddes is Alive, and Magick is afoot!

Qoute of the day:
"I will not let anyone walk through my
mind with their dirty feet."
- Mahatma Gandhi


Remember, if you have ever been to this site before, you will probably have to hit reload in order to see all the new things in the Kingdom.  I have just added my Correspondenvrs page, and it should be about complete.  Mant people are asking about my spells page, I promise it will be up soon.  I'm still gathering new work for it.  Also, if you have a pagan or wiccan site and would like to join me new Webring, please do.  I am really looking forward to seeing it grow and expand,  linking our internet Wiccan community.  Just go to the Witches of the Earth site!  And please don't forget to sign my guestgook before you leave.

"Mother Goddess is reawakening, and we can begin to recover our primal birthright, the sheer, intoxicating joy of being alive.  We can open new eyes and see that there is nothing to be saved from, no struggle of life against the universe, no God outside the world to be feared and obeyed; only the Goddess, the Mother, the turning spiral that whirls us in and out of existence, whose winking eye is the pulse of being-birth, death, rebirth-whose laughter bubbles and courses through all things and who is found only through love: love of trees, of stones, of sky and clouds, of scented blossoms and thundering waves; of all that runs and flies and swims and crawls on her face; through love of ourselves; life-dissolving world-creating orgasmic love of each other; each of us unique and natural as a snowflake,each of us our own star, her child, her lover, her beloved, her self."

There is a secret pool,dew-fed and still,
Ringed by the blossomed gorse
and heather hill,
Whose waters,
changing not with drought or cold,
Know sailing pomp of cloud and mirrored gold;
Shy creatures of the glen stoop there to drink
And sleeping lilies freight the shallow brink.

Never Fish swims, dark roach or speckled trout,
Darting from burnished stones swift in and out;
Sunken deep down, yet strangely green and near,
The swinging elfland city may appear,
With tranced turret reared and lights to stream
As now the sunset colours glance and gleam.

Red mosses bind the edge, and dim dlue flowers
So small that they might gem Titania's bowers;
The heron drowses; and the dragon fly
Makes minute music there, sustained and high;
And when the moon-dappled shadows stretch and bar
The tangled reeds net each a silver star.

The Magick Lake
By:Kathleen Foyle

Lets all join together
and sing the praises of the Great Mother!
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Soon to come.  There is an explanation below if
you would like more information.

The Celtic Way
A new page that I am working on. I Love the beauty That I
have found on my Celtic path. So I must share it with you!

My New Goddess Page
I am finally getting my dedicated Goddess
page in.

Principles Of Belief

Here are some Webrings to join!
Witches of the Earth
Goddess Circle
Weaving the Web
Catalas Ring of Excellence
I am still working on my spells page, so
please bare with me for a little while.

A brief description of Wicca along with beliefs!
Book of Shadows
This is a new page that I have just started.
I have LOTS of work to do with them yet,
so please do not get mad that most of the pages
are not working yet!
Come see
My Webrings
and feel free to travel through them. You
never know where you will end up. And there
are a lot of great sites out there.
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Deja News

If you have any questions or Just looking to make contacts
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to get back to you.  Otherwise, I Love meeting new people!

This way to Catalas

I am now adding many new pages to my site.  One I would like to mention now is the Voodoo page I am working on. I would like to mention that Voodoo is not an evil practice.  Like Wicca, it is an Earth reliogion. I am including it due to my personal connection that I have to the Loa - The African Spirits or deities. I will also include short descriptions of the Loa as they are known in New Orleans. Some information may be different from another tradition, but remember that Voodoo and the Loa takes on the shape of their environment and followers.  Also, I am in the work of putting my Voodoo and Wiccan practices together.  If you have any suggestions for me, please email me and let me know.  I am open to clean forms of critisizm, but remember, my practices are my own personal workings.  And as long as these practices are usen in a beneficial way, and they work, then I do not see anything wrong with putting the beleif systems together.  Therefore, I will also include information from my work as long as I find it works for me.  If anyone becomes interested in this form of working,  I suggest you first read and learn more on Voodoo.  I may not include all needed information.

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Please, join us in the fight for what we believe in.
No more shall we suffer for our beliefs!

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