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Witches of the Earth

Welcome to the Witches Of the Earth Page, And Merry Meet! Thank you for stopping by to check this out. This is basically a new webring, so the are not many members in the ring yet. Please, help me to make the Ring grow, show your support for the Earth and Her wonders!

Witches of the Earth is a webring of Wiccans dedicated to their spiritual beliefs and magickal practices. If you honor the Great Mother in all of her phases, If you know and feel the energies that connects us all, And if you have a deep down passion for this beautiful planet we call home, than you can join this webring.
This is not a ring for Satanists, harm-doers, or anyone who would cause harm in any way.

You must have a website of your own to put the html on.  If it will be on a webrings page, please make sure it is easy for people to find it.  Once it has been entered and the graphics show up on all browsers, email me and I will add you to the ring.

All you need to do is cut and paste the -html- below. Or click view source and get it from there. Enter your name and Email where it says, and change the id to your id#. Then, click with your right mouse button on the images and select save as. Please do not link to my server. Save the images and upload them into your directory.

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Thank you for joining the Witches of the Earth, and may the Goddess be with you always! ---Starwolf!

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Witches of the Earth!
This Witches of the Earth
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